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Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens …. not quite! This is a list of all my favourite food related things – feel free to ask Q’s think of categories i havent or to agree / disagree via the medium of comments. I change my mind a lot so will have to try and keep this updated!

These are a few of my favourite things

Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens …. inspired this week, by a particularly good sandwich, I started thinking about all my favourite food- based things.  I think the subsequent  list (which is subject to constantly change depending on my mood) was a good way of creating a  ‘pen portrait’ of the author (me!) so that anyone reading can agree, empathise or even decide that I am clearly ghastly and choose never to read my ramblings again!

Once I got started, it was very hard to stop – the categories could be endless and I will enjoy adding to the list.  I also realised how alarmingly average most of my tastes are but feel that this only serves to reinforce the purpose of this blog, which was, and is, to be true to my tastes and not be swayed by anyone else’s opinions or pretentions. Please do post comments on any of your own favourites / wild disagreements with the list below:

Cuisine– Thai or French

 Restaurant – Le Gavroche (although i can only go about once a year when I have saved my pennies)

Local restaurant – Nayaab (New Kings Road)

Dish – very much depends on my mood but something with fish and pomme puree and a creamy or buttery sauce usually hits the spot.  I have also always loved salad de chevre chaud

Fish – Seabass

Meat – chicken

Vegetable – courgette

Ingredient – garlic

Fruit – Avacado

Herb – Impossible to say depends on the dish – top contenders are Coriander, basil and tarragon

Cocktail – Martini or Negroni

Spirit – Gin

Pub drink – Pint of lager (so manly!)

Crisps – Walkers Ready Salted

Pizza topping – green chilli and pineapple

Soft drink – Passion fruit juice

Sandwich – I usually don’t like Pret sandwiches but find myself addicted to their Nicoise sandwich and have to have it every day

Hot drink – Gingerbread Latte

Soup – Butternut squash and pear

Wine – Argentinian Malbec

Sunday Lunch – Roast chicken

Side dish – Tarka Dhaal

Breakfast – bacon sarnie with lashings of ketchup

Takeaway – Chinese – I always have the same thing – Salt and Chilli Prawns, Crispy Shredded Beef, Egg Fried Rice, Hoi Sin sauce and a chicken Chow mein chaser

Hangover Food – Fish & Chips with tonnes of salt and vinegar (NB must be eaten out of the paper and not on a plate!)

Pasta topping – Alio, Olio, Pepperoncini (Garlic, chilli and olive oil)

Condiment –Aromat / Mayonaise

Cake – scones with LOTS of cream and jam

Chef – Heston Blumenthal

Magazine – Delicious

Squash – Ribena

Ice cream – Ben and Jerry’s Rainforest crunch (no longer sold but it was amazing) Pralines and Cream is a substitute

Slushy – Blue raspberry (Rank i know but i adore them)

Chocolate bar – Cadbury’s Boost

Cheese – Vacherin Mont D’or

Afternoon tea – The Ritz

Bar snack – Scampi fries