Monday night magic

Despite my recent ‘free-agent’ status (workwise – the fiance has not jilted me yet), the last four weeks have been a  whirlwind of interviews, driving lessons and wedding planning.  Now that I have time to actually breathe and think again – it is amazing how quickly time goes when you are not nine to fiving – I am determined to get back into the blog (no doubt a huge relief to any readers out there!) 

Rest assured that just because I have not been endlessly spouting details of every morsel I have been ingesting, this is no reflection on the amount I have been cooking and eating – the 16 pounds (yes – that is MORE than a stone) that I have managed to gain since Christmas is testament to this.

I am slightly overwhelmed by how much I have to post – highlights from the last month include the hare stew, a trip to Bruges (I think the obscene beer, chocolate and chip fest that this trip turned into may have been the key culprit in the expansion of the waistline), Wagyu beef and avocado tempura at Nobu Berkeley and the most heavenly recipe for Banana Tart Tatin . I hope to find the time to impart all of these tales of gluttony over the next week or two but in the meantime to get me back in the saddle, here is a delicious recipe recommendation which I  invented, cooked and consumed less than an hour ago, for an incredibly delicious yet simple Monday night dinner at home (serves two).

Roughly chop two chicken breasts, one yellow pepper, a small onion, half a chorizo ring and a clove of garlic and place in a roasting tin with a good slug of oil.  Roast for approx 25 minutes at 180 degrees, tossing throughout the cooking. The chorizo juices permeate the chicken and the vegetables creating a really rich tasty and colourful dish out of very basic ingredients. I served it with cous cous (top tip: add chicken stock to the boiling water and a knob of butter once the grains are fluffed up) and a chickpea  and beetroot salad with lots of lemon and olive oil. My only regret is that I didn’t make more – it is always so sad when the plate is empty!

Bruges' finest and my downfall!

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