Bitchin’ kitchen

When I started this blog I intended to write about eating out as well as my culinary creations at home. I have been so focused on cooking that I have not had a moment to write about all the amazing things I have been greedily guzzling outside of my own four walls. Going out to eat is my greatest pleasure on earth – you could offer me the choice between the coolest nightclub or one off gig, but a brunch, lunch or supper date (I am not fussy) in even the simplest restaurant will win hands down every time. I always say that my favourite thing about being on holiday is not the sun sea and sand but the ultimate (in my eyes) luxury of eating ‘out’ for breakfast, lunch AND dinner every day – heaven!

I have a very wonderful and kind fiance (I may have mentioned him before?) and generous family who regularly indulge this passion by taking me out for fabulous meals. A recent occasion that particularly stands out was on Tuesday when my aunt took us to Kitchen W8. The restaurant has recently won a Michelin star and I can absolutely see why. The food was superb – so many delicious things in every course of the menu that it was almost impossible to choose.

Having finally made my decision after much deliberation, I started with an artichoke veloute with a truffle mouse and truffle toast – it was rich and delicious but also reasonably light. This was followed by fillet of sea bream with mushroom deuxelle and trompettes de la mort on pumpkin puree. The true star of the dinner for me though was a side dish (which I am still fantasising about daily, nearly a week later) which consisted of mashed butternut squash and chestnuts – it was literally a party in my mouth. (Can you tell I am not very experienced at restaurant reviews? Must try harder!) Pudding was a crème Catalan served with really original presentation in a sealed jar with the most fantastic mini vanilla doughnuts with marmalade. What a treat –  my mouth is watering all over again at the memory. Kitchen w8 is just off Kensington High St and comes with a glowing Cos I’m recommendation.

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