Heart health horror

Truffle oil: the best ingredient in the world, ever.

Last night’s ‘Heart Attack Cauliflower Cheese’ ( a recipe so indulgent it is verging on indecent) went from being just to delicious to the most amazing smelling and tasting version of it I have ever made with the addition of this liquid lushness.  I feel like I should have to have some kind of disclaimer before posting this recipe, which is my own invention, as it is a serious artery clogger!

Boil cauliflower in a pan until softened and then put to the side in an ovenproof dish.  In a pan melt butter and add finely sliced garlic and spring onion.  When it starts to cook add sieved flour and cook as if making a traditional white sauce.  Add milk (and cream) slowly and stir until you have a thick sauce.  Then comes the heart attack part!  Grate cheddar, parmesan and crumble blue cheese into the sauce until it melts (quantities are up to you – I have been known to do an entire three cheeser). Pour the sauce over the cauliflower and add more grated cheese to the top and then add a few drops of truffle oil.  Put in the over for about 25 minutes or until golden brown on top.  Your mouth will be watering as you smell it cooking although I would recommend quite small portions with a sharply dressed salad on the side to cut the richness.

Amazing - add it to everything!

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