Bland in a one-pan

Theory test passed (with flying colours no less!) and I can finally get back to thinking about food again full time as opposed to the whirl of road signs, stopping distances and rules of overtaking which have been preoccupying my small mind for the last 10 days – what a relief!

I have been able to catch up on all the lovely new food mags that arrived last week and I was thrilled to see that FINALLY the February issues have stopped talking about Christmas.  It really, as they say  ‘grinds my gears’, that considering each title has a mere 12 issues a year,  November, December and January’s editions are all entirely taken up with about 2000 suggestions for ‘alternative’ Christmas lunch recipes.  I cannot imagine any of the ridiculous themes suggested over this quarter of a year period would ever be made – I think my family would have a riot at an Indian or Moroccan or Scandinavian or even outer Mongolian turkey dinner!   Anyway rant over (wow – I really needed to get that off my chest!) I was overjoyed to find the most recent issues full of new ideas, recipes and ingredients – the whole reason I subscribe to these titles in the first place.

So first to Delicious – and a pleasing variety of new things to try. One that particularly stood out (in the spirit of this enforced healthy eating nonsense) was ‘One-pan roast fish’ – lovely photography and it looked colourful and tasty ( It was very simple to make but, despite jazzing up the recipe a bit by adding slices of red pepper and chopped spring onion to the vegetable base, I found the overall dish very dull and lacking in flavour.  The addition of a LOT of lemon and oil made it more bearable.  Having sworn in my head never to bother with this again the fiancé pipes up with “I don’t want to offend your other cooking baby, but I cant tell you how much I am enjoying this – it is such a treat to eat something not based on butter or cream”!!!  Well that is me told! Looks like I will be having to wheel out what I have renamed ‘Bland in a one-pan’ on the regular to keep him quiet!

Not deterred by this I have also selected the following recipes to try this month so will update on how I get on:

Beetroot and apple borsht with soured cream and feta (will be attempting this for today’s lunch); Herb crusted lamb with a gratin of leeks and brussel sprouts, Cheese fondue and an amazing looking Banana Tatin – yum!

All this and I haven’t even opened the other magazines yet – so that is my Saturday afternoon sorted – looks like it will be a busy January.

Bland - Pre the oven (note to self - must work on photography skills!)

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