Cheesy mid-week cheat

Wow – what a crazy start to January – the combination of handing in my notice, learning for my driving theory and generally catching up with life after Christmas has meant I have barely had time to cook let alone write about it!

One small silver lining is that the general frenzy has lead to a great easy mid week cheat recipe. Although I try to cook from scratch wherever possible I have made a delicious discovery from combining ready meal ingredients. Exhausted and desperate for a warming and filling supper fix before hitting the books, I picked up Tesco’s Finest Spinach Mornay and Finest Four Cheese sauce – if you heat up and mix the two and then add to fresh pasta with a good slug of olive oil and lots of black pepper, you have an absolutely delicious and indulgent dinner ready in under 10 minutes – I highly recommend although it did end up being quite an expensive meal.

Makes a great base for other sauces

With the intention of having something a bit more intereting to report on next time, I have put some time aside this weekend to catch up with my cooking – pork belly day is Sunday – I am nervous!

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