A deceptive caper

Light meals and holidays are two concepts that for me,  just don’t go together.  I managed to create a delicious compromise the other night in the form of poached salmon (very healthy you will agree) slathered in a rich, delectable caper butter sauce.  I made it lemony enough so that it tasted fresh without the fiancé noticing the indulgent hidden butter (he really does not know much about food or I would never get away with these sabotages of his good intentions!)

It was very simple to make – wrap the raw salmon fillets in foil with a squeeze of lemon and some finely sliced spring onion and wrap up the foil so the salmon is completely encased in a sort of envelope.  This will keep it really moist and it should cook perfectly.  Then simply put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile melt butter in a pan with some very finely diced shallots and capers, grate lemon zest and lemon juice.  Simmer very gently for about 5 minutes until the sauce has absorbed the flavours of all the ingredients and then add a little chopped parsley.

A word to the wise:  do not get so carried away with your newly purchased and long desired potato ricer, that you forget to cook any other vegetables.  My exquisite feast of hand pressed mustard mash (boil potatoes, then crush with the ricer, add huge amounts of butter and cream and a generous dollop of three grain mustard) with the aforementioned poached salmon and caper butter sauce ended up with the indignity of being served up with some emergency microwaved peas! 

(Image from Lifesambrosia.com)

One response to “A deceptive caper

  1. Sounds yummy! good luck with the new blog, I have really enjoyed reading. Dawd xx

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