A feast and a detox cheat

The roast chicken was a roaring success – as I said it is something I have done many times before but this particular flavour combination is my favourite:  I stuffed the cavity with lemon to keep the meat moist and then added onion and tarragon for flavour.  I then rubbed butter and garlic under the skin and seasoned the whole thing.  To make sure the chicken doesn’t dry out (and to make delicious gravy) add chicken stock, garlic cloves and more tarragon to the roasting tray.  Then put the chicken on a wire rack so it sits above the liquid not in it – this will ensure perfectly moist meat.  Then roast depending on size for around an hour at about 200 degrees C.  To keep in the festive spirit we had ours with roast potatoes, broccoli, bread sauce and cranberry jelly!

As usual my concept of portioning was rather over generous and the absolute mountain of food we got through added to all the Christmas over-indulgence has meant that my pork belly has had to be put on hold as the fiancé is on strike!  We are only ‘allowed’ small light meals for a few days to allow our stomachs to recover from all the excess.  Probably a good idea although I have never been one for light rations!

In the spirit of making amends for all the butter and cream I have force fed him over the last year, I have made a huge vat of what he calls ‘Health Water’. I read about this drink in a ‘New Year hangover special’ article years ago and if you are someone like me who cant face a full detox but feels one should dip a proverbial toe in to the whole concept then this is just the thing.  In a jug add shredded mint leaves, sliced lemon, peeled and sliced cucumber and grated ginger (all lovely fresh and zingy ingredients to cleanse and refresh your system), leave in the fridge to blend.  The health water comes with a serious health warning however – all that ‘zinging’ can lead to some serious wind!

One response to “A feast and a detox cheat

  1. I remember trying health water on your recommendation last year. Very refreshing!

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