Nice to meat you


After many years of disliking most things animal based (not for veggie reasons just not liking the taste) I eventually came to my senses – mainly as I would always be jealous of the things on fiancé’s plate.  Taking baby steps, I started with your obvious choices such as sausages, chicken, bacon etc and developed quite a taste.  Slowly as I have grown bolder, an entire gastronomic world of delights such as confit of duck or succulent pork belly with crunchy crackling has been wondrously revealed to me.

Having now enjoyed these treats in restaurants for some time,   I have set myself a challenge for 2011 – to learn how to really cook meat.  Obviously I know the basics and can make a mean mince or a sumptuous stew, but I mean really challenging myself with all the delicious ‘proper’ dishes like roast lamb that melts in the mouth or a proper fillet of beef.

The fridge is full; the recipe books have been consulted (although I prefer to just fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens) so I am ready to go.  To ease myself in gently, on the menu tonight is a simple roast chicken – something that I mastered years ago.  I am hoping this will be a roaring success and I will be so gorged with confidence that I laugh in the face of the next challenge (the aforementioned pork belly).

I will let you know how I get on although in between my meat experimentation updates I will be adding some favourite recipes, thoughts and ideas.  Now that I seem to have overcome the terrifying first post nerves I fear I may never stop….

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